No amount of charity makes up for this

“You can’t take that away from him,” … the charity work.

I have a feeling that Armstrong’s interview with Oprah at some point is going to focus on the charity work that he’s done. So I want to preempt that by pointing out that arrogance in the face of the plain truth is a complete affront to humanity more so than any amount of funds raised, hours sweated over an unpreventable, irrecoverable ravaging disease such as cancer.

The reason is very simple. Consider:

If there is anything that will eliminate us entirely as a species. If there is anything that will erase the fact that we even existed. It’s arrogance in the face of the plain facts. If we as a team can’t figure out how to counteract this, we are completely lost. Armstrong’s defiance is a perfect example of the worst we have to fear as humanity.

Imagine that everything that can be plainly demonstrated as a sham is there for the taking, yet the person who was the architect of the sham defiantly denies it all, and furthermore gets away with it all. This person goes on to empower others to follow his example or believe in his lunacy. What do you end up with? Chapters of humanity we would rather forget.

Armstrong is a reminder that his is always a threat to us. Fuck that interview; I don’t care what he has to say.