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Okay, so that Plumi install was pretty painful

Media Server. It was on everyone’s lips for a few months. Discussion was over, and bam, the go button was hit. So we get a fresh install of Ubuntu 12, live, and we’re off. Plumi manual instructions, on screen. Boom. Right. Let’s go. Nope.

Year of the Fallen?

First Armstrong, then Petraeus: He tried to convince us that heroes aren’t human. They are human, like us, and sometimes worse. That years might have themes to them is pretty absurd, but so is the idea that humans are super. Yet, we keep making that same mistake again and again. Lucky, there’s always someone around […]

Put the citizen back against “Citizens United”

What a concept: The only entities who can make political contributions are those who can vote. In other words, only individual voters. That excludes think tanks …

Making code go oops on purpose

I recently wrote syncing software that takes data from the school database and updates the user accounts on the tools the school uses on a daily basis. It’s one of those things that every school or organization needs, but can be a bit laborious to put together. It’s what happens when lots of different tools […]

Towards “A.D.E.”ish

To become a member of Apple Distinguished Educator, class of 2013, I have to do a movie. It’s sort of assumed it’s a take about what I already do in my classroom that utilizes Apple products well. I sort of have a different idea. I’m thinking of talking about what I am going to do over […]

Plone can do this

To my dismay I found that the Drupal people have a major initiative to replace Moodle with their own behemoth. I can’t stand PHP. What annoys me most about PHP is the way it includes libraries and doesn’t create a namespace for it in the new context. Every time I read PHP code, I always […]


Have you ever realized that focus sounds like “ef us”?