Streamlining daily notices at school

When I first arrived at the school where I am now, I was rather astonished at how much human effort went into the publication of the daily notices. “Boxing club is canceled.” “There will be cookies for sale at break time.” I think any school could potentially have this issue. Imagine you’re a Principal and […]

The difference between academe and life

Life is about constantly banging your head against the wall against stuff that just sucks. Or as Krugman calls it, battling cockroach ideas: Sometimes I get comments from people accusing me of repeating myself in the column; no doubt I do make the same arguments multiple times. But that’s because people keep forgetting! A parallel […]

Curriculum has to have a point of view

I have a distaste for the meme “just let them choose what they want to read.” The weakest argument, I think, is that not all students even read x book that was assigned reading: Perhaps 5-7 students take over the role of answering the teacher’s questions. Some, but not likely all, of these students have […]

15 grand

The outgoing South Korean President issued 13,000 pardons during his 5-year term. And that’s a record low. For contrast, US presidents have issued pardons and clemencies 20,000 times in the 20th century.

That typeface isn’t a a font nor are serifs legible

Fonts and typefaces have a container/content relationship. It’s true, look it up. Consider that font refers to the box that holds the math, which in turn defines or describes the style of a set of characters. Font is the file, the typeface is the stuff in the file. Meanwhile, serif fonts shouldn’t necessarily be considered […]

Armstrong’s choke and breathe

Fascinating that Armstrong’s body language gets some ink. Also predictable that there are a bunch of comments following the piece ridiculing that analysis. When I talk to maths and science teachers about working with low-proficiency students I have often (and yes, I do get eye rolls) implore them to try and read the students. If […]

Between a pebble and a really hard rock

Videos with subtitles aren’t quite ubiquitous yet, and as a language teacher I find this frustrating. Don’t misinterpret: providing subtitles to students so they can depend on them isn’t the idea. It’s a way to keep the message multi-modal, which just means that I think communication is done best when it’s done in a variety […]

Slickmeister stopped in his tracks

Heh: He was the firm’s top coder for many quarters and was considered expert in C, C++, Perl, Java, Ruby, PHP, and Python. Turns out the dude was outsourcing all his coding to some Chinese firms. Proof that, you know, expertise like that can only be handled by a herd rather than a single entity. […]

No amount of charity makes up for this

“You can’t take that away from him,” … the charity work. I have a feeling that Armstrong’s interview with Oprah at some point is going to focus on the charity work that he’s done. So I want to preempt that by pointing out that arrogance in the face of the plain truth is a complete […]

Krugman agrees with me!

Yesterday I expressed surprise that Jon Stewart got the trillion dollar coin thing wrong. Today, Krugman said, Part of the point about Stewart … is that he’s funny, but that the show is actually better informed than most of our public discussion. It’s a shame I didn’t say more than I did, because I was […]