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Apple’s iWatch: My $0.02 Guess

So people are thinking that there will be an iWatch out from Apple come this October. I haven’t seen a picture of anything that I think: I would wear, or That someone else would wear, either (for more than a week) If Apple is doing an iWatch, given their design process and philosophy, this is […]

“Intelligent life has just gotten started”

Mind, blown. Turns out that there are real reason to cast doubt on the idea that the universe is probably teeming with intelligent life. Sure, maybe it has loads and loads of microbes, but human-like species? We may well be the first, and almost certainly the only one in our galaxy. The argument comes from the observation […]

Swift. Changes. Everything.

I signed up as an Apple Developer, because I had heard some really amazing things coming out of WWDC 2014. Apparently, and I’ll let readers find out for themselves, that conference pretty much ushered in The New Apple. The amount of stuff they unleashed to the world is just so comprehensive, and so futurist-looking, that […]