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A bunch of journalists really wish…

…they could cover a mind-boggling once-in-a-lifetime story like the iPhone launch. That’s why so many of them are crapping so often on the “lack of innovation” that’s supposedly not happening these days, despite the fact the clear evidence (as given by the many who disagree with that premise) is that in fact innovation is streaming along quite nicely. […]

Blogger of the Year

I often say this too, especially on short flights: “Why can’t I read my Kindle during take-off and landing?” All hail Nick Bolton.

My Kindle 6″ Review

My parents got me a Kindle 6″. I’m a previous sometimes user of the original first-generation Kindle, and I found it to be a great purchase. First of all, I bought the cheapest, simplest Kindle, and wasn’t at all interested in the Fire or anything fancy. I already have an iPad and use that for […]

The single most interesting thing about Microsoft…

… is that right now it’s really interesting to watch. It’s becoming clear that big companies don’t fail, they melt, and the suggestion that they are probably going to have to divide itself into two or three companies is probably the right one. I think the main problem facing Microsoft right now is that they […]