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My Grandma, RIP

Twirl… THWAP went the towel, inspired by boy locker rooms. But there weren’t any showers or sweat, just the wide-gapped jaws of gleeful teenagers getting the Grandma treatment. She was at it again, my strong Grandma, probably saying “No junk!” or somesuch epithet that she conjured up that very moment; and me, marvelling at the spectacle. She passed this week, nearly […]

Towards a local, testable, debuggable GAS scripting environment

Okay, so since Friday afternoon I’ve been playing with the very very interesting Google Apps Scripting (GAS), just because it was sitting there and I didn’t understand any of it, and I definitely saw its potential. Then I went to a GAFE summit conference (I’m an ESL teacher by day) and saw what cool stuff cool people were […]

Best pieces of software out there.

ScreenFlow 5 is out in the Mac App Store, on sale cheap. If you ever do a screencast, this is like the iTunes for screencasts. Yes please.