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Get Python in your Terminal on the Mac

Twice in the last two weeks I helped someone with getting started with Python in the command line on the Mac. You could just download it from and use the built-in IDE, but that’s just not quite powerful enough for many needs. Besides, having some success with the command line is sort of like a […]


Hands up if you know what I’m talking about. You have a piece of code, perhaps a block about 15 lines that prepares for one statement, say, an if statement. Those 15 lines, all they do is take some data and reform it into a useful format so that when it comes time to execute […]

Okay, so that Plumi install was pretty painful

Media Server. It was on everyone’s lips for a few months. Discussion was over, and bam, the go button was hit. So we get a fresh install of Ubuntu 12, live, and we’re off. Plumi manual instructions, on screen. Boom. Right. Let’s go. Nope.

Making code go oops on purpose

I recently wrote syncing software that takes data from the school database and updates the user accounts on the tools the school uses on a daily basis. It’s one of those things that every school or organization needs, but can be a bit laborious to put together. It’s what happens when lots of different tools […]