All over, Red Rover

After publishing “Life is unfair, fundamentally” I have gotten a lot of positive feedback, thank you. I wanted to update you, not so much on where I am with all this, but share some of the other tidbits about how this loss has affected people I’ve now met online.

I know of people who explain to me that when this happened to them they couldn’t get out of bed for a month. That it’s the worst thing that ever happened to them. There are those who claimed to pop pills and the like. Guys who were planning to have a relaxing retirement but now have to live off the taxpayers. Couples who have devoted themselves to the idea of putting off retirement indefinitely. Someone who sunk their daughter’s college fund into it with the idea of using the modest return for her spending money.

I’m also in contact with others who — from where I sit — are big players in the financial arena. They drop their investment numbers on me, half a million, and I comment to my wife isn’t it funny I meet these big players this way? I’m also talking to reporters who, along the same lines, are interested in how I feel after being informed that the money is all gone.

The official word of the loss didn’t come until last week, where the administration announced that at best we’re looking at getting 5% back, but even that is unrealistic. You figure in inevitable legal expenses from all the lawyers gathering around… and so if there is anything, I’d probably just donate it to charity. Fully accepting that it’s all over, red rover is the best thing to do when the idea of the guy who took it all is standing tall, with a new job, as if nothing had ever happened. What else can you do but face the harsh reality when the legal system has so far and will likely continue to fail you?

I knew about the total loss ever since conversing with people who met similar circumstances, also in Australian funds, let me know how real this all was.

There is a lot of talk from some corners of the globe of petitioning the Australian government, and even an initiative to try and raise more funds from the same investors who are suffering as described above.

I’ll have more to say on these last bits soon enough.

But the end is palpable.

There are those who just refuse to accept it. Hopefully not you, because that’d really be a damned shame.



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