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My Grandma, RIP

Twirl… THWAP went the towel, inspired by boy locker rooms. But there weren’t any showers or sweat, just the wide-gapped jaws of gleeful teenagers getting the Grandma treatment. She was at it again, my strong Grandma, probably saying “No junk!” or somesuch epithet that she conjured up that very moment; and me, marvelling at the spectacle. She passed this week, nearly […]

All over, Red Rover

After publishing “Life is unfair, fundamentally” I have gotten a lot of positive feedback, thank you. I wanted to update you, not so much on where I am with all this, but share some of the other tidbits about how this loss has affected people I’ve now met online. I know of people who explain […]

Life is unfair, fundamentally

We lost half of our life’s savings in an instant. There were a few days there where I read the email and my brain knew the implications of what it was saying, and mental torment followed as I prepared to tell my dear wife, emotional struggle of having to deal with the singular notion of […]