Swift. Changes. Everything.

I signed up as an Apple Developer, because I had heard some really amazing things coming out of WWDC 2014. Apparently, and I’ll let readers find out for themselves, that conference pretty much ushered in The New Apple. The amount of stuff they unleashed to the world is just so comprehensive, and so futurist-looking, that if you’re a developer-minded person, you just have to open your mouth in awe.

Previously, I hadn’t been attracted to the Mac development stuff for one major reason: Objective-C. I just can’t stand writing C code. I know what pointers are, and I know why we’re always checking for nil, but my brain doesn’t like those sort of low-level stuff. That’s why I do everything I can in Python: It’s just the best high-level language there is. Plus, Objective-C has all those horrible names with NS prefixes all over the place, another thing that drives me mad. Reading Objective-C code just makes it so hard. I’m a teacher and anything I develop I don’t have spare hours unpacking stuff. Just let me code it up.

And now Apple has launched Swift, and like most Apple programmer geeks, I consumed the book, and, not only is it Python-like but it levels the playing field considerably. If you’re a guy that’s always wanted to enter the Mac development ecosphere (hand goes up real high) but has been traumatised at the thought of having to dive into unlearning everything you know just to start learning everything again, now is the time to do it.

It’s funny, because I got serious into Python when they launched Python 3, which was a similar situation.

I think this is my way of announcing to the world that I’m going to be making a Mac program within the year. Hmm.. I wonder what sort of project I might work on.

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