That typeface isn’t a a font nor are serifs legible

Fonts and typefaces have a container/content relationship. It’s true, look it up. Consider that font refers to the box that holds the math, which in turn defines or describes the style of a set of characters. Font is the file, the typeface is the stuff in the file.

Meanwhile, serif fonts shouldn’t necessarily be considered to be more legible or readable. At least, there isn’t any credible scientific literature available (assuming that link is credible).

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  1. My input: small serifs, not intended to be a major part of the font, neither add nor subtract from readability. Using upper and lower case letters allow the eyes to go slower over the words and give a better read and comprehension. All upper case letters cause the eyes to go from left to right along the upper edge of the letters. It may be faster but it subtracts from understanding.