Kay and the Potoroinae

Our good friend Kay lives in the year 2222, and in that year, it is customary and normal for humans to be born in space. So, Kay our alien — but not alien — was born in space and got pretty much the same education about Earth as you did. (Instead of the design cycle, though, they study astrophysics, because it’s a lot more interesting). So, finally, she is sent to Earth … but a freak accident occurs and she is beamed down to some random location. She has no idea where she is, and has to figure out where in order to get on with her life.
She looks around, and sees a Potoroinae, a kind of kangaroo that only lives in Australia. She uses her Google Earrings to check the Spacinet and confirms that what she is seeing matches the picture on Wikipedia. So, she concludes that she is, in fact, in Australia.
However, what Kay doesn’t know is that what she is seeing is actually a robot made to look exactly like a Kangaroo. She actually landed in a film studio set that features a kangaroo robot as the main character (movies are really bad in the future). To make things even more confusing, this studio is, in fact, located in Australia!
Does Kay know that she is in Australia?
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