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Kay and the Potoroinae

Our good friend Kay lives in the year 2222, and in that year, it is customary and normal for humans to be born in space. So, Kay our alien — but not alien — was born in space and got pretty much the same education about Earth as you did. (Instead of the design cycle, though, they study astrophysics, […]

I don’t believe in those, either


Is it a fallacy to not use backwards design?

Fallacies are notable not only for their wrong-ness but ease-ness in which they are made. Case in point today is elucidated pretty clearly over at Grant Wiggins’ post. He talks about the fallacy of breaking things down (he just calls it a mistake, though) in education in terms of syllabus or textbook writing. He’s responding […]

The difference between academe and life

Life is about constantly banging your head against the wall against stuff that just sucks. Or as Krugman calls it, battling cockroach ideas: Sometimes I get comments from people accusing me of repeating myself in the column; no doubt I do make the same arguments multiple times. But that’s because people keep forgetting! A parallel […]


“It is okay if I … take … this book?” He meant borrow when he said take, but his quirky-ness and smile revealed his enthusiasm for the book’s topic, hence the honest use of the word take. It’s a dry title, so I won’t bore you with how this book calls itself, and yes it […]