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Krugman agrees with me!

Yesterday I expressed surprise that Jon Stewart got the trillion dollar coin thing wrong. Today, Krugman said, Part of the point about Stewart … is that he’s funny, but that the show is actually better informed than most of our public discussion. It’s a shame I didn’t say more than I did, because I was […]

Comedy of trillionairres

John Stewart has a brilliant mind, which is why I’m surprised he doesn’t get that the trillion dollar coin idea is just an accounting thing. It’s not like making up money. Or. Maybe he thought that the laughs were too much to pass up.

Science stings

Cars begat engines, which needed fine tuning, and so then begat leaded fuel, which begat violent crime and lower IQs. It’s not just the science behind this Mothers Jones article that’s interesting but how much of a reminder it is of the responsibility that new technologies bring.

Obama isn’t motivated to do anything about the debt ceiling

I agree with the analysis that President Obama could and should raise the debt ceiling all on his lonesome is sound, valid, and the best course of action. I also think he won’t, though, or if he does, it would be out of character for him, and it’s worth understanding why. To unpack this why, […]

Year of the Fallen?

First Armstrong, then Petraeus: He tried to convince us that heroes aren’t human. They are human, like us, and sometimes worse. That years might have themes to them is pretty absurd, but so is the idea that humans are super. Yet, we keep making that same mistake again and again. Lucky, there’s always someone around […]

Put the citizen back against “Citizens United”

What a concept: The only entities who can make political contributions are those who can vote. In other words, only individual voters. That excludes think tanks …