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Setting the default printer with a script with Mac OS X

After looking around the internet, I couldn’t find the answer in a single place, but I figured it out and so I might as well publish it here. If what you want is to make a script so that all the user has to do is double-click something or run a script and their computer […]

My Kindle 6″ Review

My parents got me a Kindle 6″. I’m a previous sometimes user of the original first-generation Kindle, and I found it to be a great purchase. First of all, I bought the cheapest, simplest Kindle, and wasn’t at all interested in the Fire or anything fancy. I already have an iPad and use that for […]

The single most interesting thing about Microsoft…

… is that right now it’s really interesting to watch. It’s becoming clear that big companies don’t fail, they melt, and the suggestion that they are probably going to have to divide itself into two or three companies is probably the right one. I think the main problem facing Microsoft right now is that they […]

Two Predications about the Future of Apple Software

Now that the Mac OS operating system updates are free, and the development cycle for that OS is so stable, I think this is leading to the inevitable conclusion: One day major dot-number OS updates (iOS, and Mac) and iWork updates are going to be automatic, even required. As it is, Apple already enjoys a […]

Low Standards in Educational Software

Follett Destiny is synonymous with Library software where I come from, where I am now, and where I’m going. It’s ubiquitous. There are hundreds of thousands of districts and schools using it. It does Library catalogues, maintains check-outs, and stuff like that. Which is pretty amazing when you think about it, because apparently all these […]


Can you believe that the operating system produced by Microsoft has such atrocious battery life. Truly a sinking ship.

Get yourself globstar, bash 4 for your Mac terminal

So how many times have you wanted a simple, easy-to-remember command that will do a pattern search for files with a certain name in a directory while using Mac? Even Spotlight is annoying to do something like that. I do this all the time, as I want to find any file that has a .txt […]

How I got a portal-like interface with Moodle

Out-of-the-box, Moodle’s default user interface is pretty gregorian, and by that I mean old-fashioned. As soon as you log in, no matter what kind of user you are, you see the same thing: A list of the courses that you are enrolled in. That’s the only power that Moodle gives the front page: You only […]

I love that git

One of the core work duties I have is maintaining a few pieces of software that have to play nice. The biggest slice lives on a web server, inside a directory. In there is the school’s learning management system, as well as other pieces such as facilities bookings and other administrivia. Some of those pieces […]

Parents just don’t understand

Ever since starting to operate and maintain a learning management system, more and more I have in my own mind’s eye an understanding of the “typical user” as one less and less able to use a computer effectively. This isn’t defeatism, though, it’s being exposed to more and more users who simply have no idea […]