Apple’s iWatch: My $0.02 Guess

So people are thinking that there will be an iWatch out from Apple come this October. I haven’t seen a picture of anything that I think:

  • I would wear, or
  • That someone else would wear, either (for more than a week)

If Apple is doing an iWatch, given their design process and philosophy, this is what it will be:

  • It will look more like clothes than a gadget.
  • Bracelet, or necklace-like. In other words, not a watch.
  • Water proof to x feet. Think swimming and showering with the thing.
  • No camera at all. Not in version 1.
  • Connects to your other devices, an extension of your other devices.
  • Minimal user interface, if any at all.

I don’t for a second think that Apple is going to release a product that will have an X or Y feature that everyone will want. Apple designs from the ground up, in other words, first and foremost it will be something smart that is worth wearing once or twice, and then after that there will be some killer functions that people will keep wearing it for.

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