After more than 6 months of harrowing, depressing, LMIM investment news, LMIM investors, in particular 4500 LM MPF investors, need and should be given a voice. A firm and consolidated voice, building on our raw emotion of the early months and now full of resolution and determination for justice and the return of our monies.

Our positions as investors are varied. Some have a small percentage of their investment portfolio in severe risk as a result of the LM debacle and some have much larger percentages heading down the drain. However as victims of the same miserable misconduct our best chance of recovery will be from movement toward some semblance of unity around a simple, clear goal.

This is a beginning. A beginning of fair treatment for LM Investors who are fed up being drip fed news about how successful other people are in placing our money in their pockets. With the help of some other aggrieved yet motivated LM investors this public web location is available for you to publish your story and to register your support.

See below for details on how to submit.

Your story will be published after approval by site moderators. We will not publish any of the following unless you expressly request we do so, subject to moderator approval.

We can’t promise success but we can be stronger together.

Please send an email to, and share your story.

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  1. Charles Baker says:

    I am retired and like most of us I had been advised to put my money into LM M.P.F. as a safe investment, ( I was working abroad and divorced so decided to sell my house and invest the money) I had informed my financial adviser I did not want anything risky as I was 62 years old and needed this money for my retirement and had no time left in my life to earn any more, he advised me on L.M. as a safe investment,my investment was due to mature in July.

  2. John Peter Jones says:

    I had a safe final salary pension scheme for my UK company which i worked for 30 years.
    i had been working abroad for over 6 years when I was recommended devere. in deVeres office I met a FA who slod me several products not all of which was LM mpf.
    All the investments failed including LM which held my pension and 90% of my savings.
    Since i moved abroad i got married and have 2 daughters.
    From being in a happy and strong position now I have had my car re-posessed electric cut off no school for my daughters and my wife has said she will kill herself and my daughters if things get worse. I cant go back to UK as i have no house and cant stay here.It is a nightmare of bibical proportions.
    All due to the greed and false advice of my FA. He said LM was as safe as a bank and safer than my UK pension.
    in hindsight it is easy to ask myself why I was so naieve but i have read many simlilar stories.
    I am very bitter that after 40 years of hard raft I am now in this miserable position

  3. Pavlos says:

    I live in Cyprus and my wife and I were recommended on 3rd March 2013 to invest in the LM Managed Performance fund by a local Financial Advisor working for a company that claims Global Expert Financial advice with offices in 22 EU Countries and 3 offices in Cyprus. EU financial service companies and if advising on QROPS pension advisors can only operate without registering in other EU countries using Passporting. They can fly in give advice and transact via their regulated base, they cannot have resident advisors or local offices as this is illegal. The local regulator can do nothing, you have to complain to the country where they are registered. In the case of Czech Republic they state they will only regulate transactions carried out in that Country. So if a transaction was carried out Illegally in an EU Country who will regulate this. Any Ideas!!!

  4. govin fabrice says:

    dear all,

    we are couple who invested 210keuros thru De Verre partner (after become premium fiance group) with advisor Michel De Vriendt, target was low risk and short term investment to buy an apartment in France as we are living in shanghai (china).

    since the situation is becming critical we dont have any support, the only comment is we are not responsible …

    for sure we need some helps for an concrete class action


  5. Manita says:

    As the impact of LMPF has affected unsuspecting investors in many countries, it would be useful to hear from all which country you were in when the advice was offered. Also, where your FA was registered. Are they regulated? Probably not. If you are in Thailand ( where i was suckered) there is a list of regulated FA’s.
    : http://capital.sec.o…ew.php?lic_no=3

    Dont touch anyone else!

    My painful lesson from this experience is – dont’ trust ANY FA. Check and double check all their recommendations before you trust them with your money!!

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