Aggrieved Investor #2111

Hi, my name is Barry and I’ve read many articles on this whole shambles,regarding the MPF,the way it was run and the thought that Mr Drake is out their living very comfortably on some of MY money. We are only small investors in terms of capital put into this scheme,but for us the loss of 20,000 sterling has been a major blow (probably pocket money to Mr Drake). I DO NOT recall being advised that the scheme was non regulated,this would possibly have been a warning sign, but again was advised that this investment was low risk. What I find very hard now to understand is that with all the legal action going on, administrators doing this and that, running up bills that mean, what money is left is very fast running out and the poor investor,and there are many of us will receive no return. Keep your money under the Mattress because for my wife and I any gain we had from other investments have been WIPED OUT and we now have a big hole in our retirement savings,thank you L&M Australia!!

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  1. Manita Khuller says:

    We are all in the same boat, irrespective of the sums involved. In my case it was a pension accumulated over 18 years on working in the UK.
    If any one here also lost their shirt via a UK QROPS, please get in touch. We have pulled together a QROPs group to bring a complaint vs the pension id is

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