New article focuses on victims

A welcome addition to the ongoing saga.

I just had a query about this bit:

More than 500 investors have contacted each other across international borders to form victim groups, share knowledge and build a legal case – which is being backed by lawyers from Slater & Gordon in Australia.They have spent the past year and eight months researching the company and the fund, how it operated and how they were all lured into it.

Wait, I thought Slater & Gordon said they weren’t going to pursue this any further?

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  1. Manita Khuller says:

    I have heard nothing about Slater and Gordon or any other international law firm taking this on outside of not sure where the Daily Mail journo got this from. Wishful thinking more like…

  2. Chris Elliott says:

    Like you say wishful thinking the money gone or it be soon once Korda Mentha have cleared out the funds left for there extensive investigation which has acheived nothing

  3. joseph schembri says:

    The payment of restitution by perpetrators can mark the end of a financial nightmare for fraud victims. It not only serves to right a wrong, it often allows them to return to whatever level of financial security they enjoyed before the crime. The biggest dream for those who have suffered from financial crime is getting some money back, preferably from the people who stole it from them, (legally or non legally! ask K/M). However we the victims as always we collect only pennies on the dollar of what we owened-or getting nothng at all.

    • Chris Elliott says:

      Joseph like you say it looking highly likely that we all will have to get use to the fact there will be little or no return of the money invested by the foreign who were duped in to investing in LMP with the believe that their saving was a low risk investment by the so called IFA.

  4. Chris Elliott says:

    Anyone invested in the latest ASIA IFA cash cow called Premier New Earth Fund that has been suspended since last November. Already seen the fund price be re- valued to the downside to pay of loans by next year the fund price will almost certain be continued to be devalued until it is worthless like LMP. Would be good to hear from other investors thought caught in latest the financial fund trap.

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